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1st Place Grand Award, Energy Solutions Award, Hogan Hero STEM AZing Science and Engineering Award, ISEF Finalist and UA Scholarship, Naval Excellence in Science Research Award, Second Place Award, Simon Strauss Engineering Award, TEP Renewable Energy Award


Making a Saguaro H.A.W.T.

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Amanda Whalen




Daniel Doyle

The purpose of this experiment was to use biomimicry to design and build a wind turbine tower which utilizes the structure of a saguaro cactus and test the aerodynamic efficiency and load bearing capacity of this tower against a conventional tubular tower. I chose this project because I am passionate about environmental issues, and I believe that science should look to nature for inspiration in solving problem. I concluded that a wind turbine tower designed with the pleats and spines of a saguaro cactus would better utilize winds, especially at lower wind speeds, to produce more electricity. This is an important step to maximizing wind power as a source of energy to be dependently used in a future without fossil fuels.

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