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1st Place Grand Award, ISEF Finalist and UA Scholarship


Green Infrastructure Impacts on Carbon Cycling: Evaluating Changes in Soil Microbial Composition and Function

Earth and Environmental Science

Isabel Ross




Lisa Baker

This project aims to understand carbon cycling in water harvesting systems by identifying changes in microbial community composition and function. A Green Infrastructure (GI) system was installed in Tucson, AZ, containing four different water treatments. Sequencing of soil samples from these basins revealed changes in soil microbial composition. These identified taxa were mapped to function using a program called FAPROTAX, which revealed changes in microbial function. A data table was constructed allowed me to determine the association between specific functions and changes in abundance by examining which phyla perform a certain function and whether that phylum increased or decreased in abundance. The observed changes suggest that GI impacts microbial community composition and functions related to carbon cycling.

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