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1st Place Grand Award, ISEF Finalist and UA Scholarship


mRNA Sequence Analysis to Determine Genes Causing Unilateral Incompatibility in S. lycopersicum and S. pennellii

Plant Science

Alexander Nelson




Sandy Nelson

Unilateral incompatibility (UI) occurs in an interspecific cross when the flower pistil terminates pollen tube formation prematurely before fertilization. The research purpose is to determine the genes causing UI in S. lycopersicum x S. pennellii crosses, and the biological role they serve in preventing pollen tube growth. Analyzing tissue sequence data, genes that are up-expressed in cross-pollinated flower pistils vs. UI pistils will be associated with the termination of pollen tube growth. The cross-pollinated mRNA sequence resulted in an increased log fold change of proteinase-inhibitors in relation to the UI sample. The genes determined in this project pose a benefit for future agricultural engineering and increasing crop yields.

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