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Desert Tortoise Tool

Animal Science
Diego "Seby" Moreno

Rodney Bosire

I picked this project because I have always interested in reptiles. From a young age, I have spent as many hours as possible going outside looking for reptiles by lifting rocks and logs. I want to continue to see them in my backyard and protect their ability to live alongside humans like me who co-habitat their land. Last year I created a project about measuring the difference in temperature between a desert tortoise burrow in the wild versus burrows made by humans for adopted desert tortoises in captivity. This year, I am expanding on last year’s project by creating a tool that measures the sustainability of a desert tortoise habitat. This project is important to me because it will allow conservationists to understand the unique factors that makeup a desert tortoise habitat, especially in the Sonoran Desert region, where I live. I want to protect the desert tortoise habitat so that they can continue to flourish, but currently a tool does not exist that captures this information.

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