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YUCK! Brown Guacamole!

Food and Nutrition

Maria Fallon

"Our class loves to snack, and since we live in Tucson, AZ, chips and guacamole is one of our favorite snacks! One of our classmates got delicious guacamole from a local restaurant but didn't finish it and put it in his fridge, and when he tried to eat it a few days later, it was brown. EWWW!! This got our class noticing and wondering about why guacamole turns brown and what we can do to keep it green for longer! We asked our parents what their tips and tricks are for keeping guacamole green and they suggested, lime juice, covering with plastic wrap, covering with foil, and keeping an avocado pit in the guacamole. We decided to test all of those ideas to see which worked best. "

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One thought on “YUCK! Brown Guacamole!

  1. Wow, you did a super job investigating different ways that affect the onset of color of processed guacamole. You included your classmate in the project, which a great thing. A suggestion for you to consider if you pursue this particular issue is to more fully explain why you feel it is important to keep the guacamole green. As you develop as a young investigator, try to think about why certain things are acceptable and other things are not. If brown guacamole was safe and deemed more acceptable, perhaps there would be less food waste and negative impact on the environment. You have an inquisitive mind. Keep questioning things. You did a great job!

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