Would a certain type of liquid affect a plants growth?

Plants and the Environment
Alina Lopez

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? “Would a certain type of liquid affect a plant's growth?” Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because it shows how plants CAN grow with different liquids and you don't just need water to grow a beautiful plant. Plants are important to our environment because they are sources for many great things. I think this project was definitely a very important project because we can grow plants with different liquids! It’s important to know that we can grow plants with different liquids because if we ran out of water or we have no water near us then we could use these different liquids to grow a plant too! What was your result/overall conclusion? So I chose 6 different liquids which were water with chlorine, beer, milk, water with salt, vinegar, and water. When I was measuring the plants and seeing the growth… I noticed that the beer, milk, and water had the best growth. So my overall conclusion was that the beer, milk, and water were the best out of those six liquids to grow a plant. Why is your project important? My project is important because it shows that we could grow plants with different liquids and not just water all the time. Every time we grow a plant we want it to grow big, beautiful, and wonderful right? So testing different liquids can show you which liquids are best for growing plants and what benefits you could get from it. This is also very important because what if one day you have NO water or you were nowhere near a water resource and you NEED to grow a plant. Plants are very important to us because they are resources for great things. This is why my project should be noticed and be tested more by great scientists.

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