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Work It Out!

Physics and Astronomy
Jessica Enriquez

Lee Ann Howell

Conditioning or working in a glove takes players a year of patience and even money to develop, which may involve a lot of patience and even money. The instrument I will be making could be a quicker and more efficient way to break in your softball glove. I became interested in this idea when after more than a year, my own glove still hasn’t fully accustomed to be flexible and loose. My teammates have been trying to condition their gloves and I realized how much of a struggle the process truly is. The information gained from this experiment will benefit not only myself and my teammates, but current and future ball players as well. The project/experiment will demonstrate most effective or different ways to condition a softball glove.

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3 thoughts on “Work It Out!

  1. Great way to combine STEM and sports, very applicable in materials engineering STEM careers! I especially appreciated the time and details on slides 9, 10, 11 with the data. Well done.

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