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Which One Provides The Best UV Protection?

Human Health and Behavior
Ezekiel Mellinger

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project was about which SPF 30 brand of rub sunscreen provided the most UV protection based on its UV index which I tested using a UV reader. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because in Arizona it’s really hot and it’s easy to get sun burnt. My experiment would help my family know what sunscreen to use. What was your result/overall conclusion? My conclusion was that the more expansive brands of sunscreen had a lower UV index except for Hawaiian Tropic which was one the worst even though it was $1.31 per fluid oz. Why is your project important? My project was important because it could be used to tell what sunscreens had a better UV

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2 thoughts on “Which One Provides The Best UV Protection?

  1. You’re right! We Arizonans definitely need good sunscreens! Thank you for researching the effectiveness of different brands.
    Interesting that you focused on price as a predictor of efficacy – I wonder: how did you choose that variable? I also like that you normalized the results by cost per fluid ounce instead of per container – good job! Your research into good and bad ingredients also looks interesting – I’ll have to look up some of those substances to learn more!

    I hope you continue your science and caring about skin health!

  2. Impressive use of data analysis to determine which product was most effective for the price! Great work!

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