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Which Moisturizer Works Better?

Human Health and Behavior
Cortez Herrera

Lindsay Wong

After living in the dry desert for so many years and experiencing dry skin, I wanted to determine which moisturizer is the best at retaining moisture in your skin. I purposely chose moisturizers with different main ingredients. I used Jello to represent human skin, because it is made from collagen like our skin. I compared lotion, cream, and petroleum jelly to see which helped retain the most moisture. My sample of Jello with Vaseline on it kept the most moisture, therefore I can confidently say it is the best moisturizer of those tested. The results of this experiment benefit many people. For example, senior citizens in particular lose skin hydration more quickly, so they need some research to depend on when choosing a moisturizer. If I were to do this experiment again, I would be interested to try the moisturizers on real people who are willing and see if they agree with my findings.

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