Which is the strongest plastic container to promote for reusing?

Physics and Astronomy
Camila Romero

Cristy Fuentes

I will be discovering which of these 5 plastics containers is stronger than others. I am using Boris, Rubbermaid, Inix, Dollar Tree, and Safeway reusable plastic containers. The world's air is polluted by 99.82%, so we are breathing contaminated air that can hurt our lungs or make us sick. This project and investigation is important because it will help people know which plastic container to buy and always recycle to help reduce the percentage of polluted air that we breathe on in that can get us sick by hurting lungs.By reusing our plastic containers we do not only save our health but we contribute to help save the lives of the other people living on earth.

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  1. I appreciate your passion for leveraging experiments to support environmental efforts! Connecting our scientific procedures with real-world applications is amazing.

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