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Which Brand of Water Bottle Keeps Cool the Best

Food and Nutrition
Miles Cotter

Kimberly Mulligan

Water bottles have recently become a status symbol. The HydroFlask was all the rage a few years back, and most recently, the Stanley cup has taken America by storm. While reusable water bottles are great for the earth, as they reduce plastic waste, I wanted to determine if the name brand water bottles really were superior in keeping drinks cold. I took four of the most popular name brand water bottles, and also purchased a generic brand water bottle from Walmart. All water bottles were similar in size, but not exact. That said, we did try to control the study as best as possible by using the same amount of chilled water inside each bottle. The results were surprising to say the least. While the Yeti brand held the lead for most of the project, the generic brand won in the end. The popular Stanley did quite poorly overall. This project proves that name brand isn't always better. Also, it shows that reusable, quality water bottles can be affordable to many Americans, saving our landfills.

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2 thoughts on “Which Brand of Water Bottle Keeps Cool the Best

  1. I do agree we need to be more aware of what we are putting in our landfills. I really liked this project. Good job.

  2. What an interesting project! The data you generated is very important and I am sure a lot of people could make use of this information. Great experimental design, execution and lab notebook organization. Great job!

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