What Shape of Paper Airplane Flies the Farthest?

Physics and Astronomy
Arely Diaz Coronado

Amy Bonillas

In this project, I studied the triangular shape and rectangular shape paper airplane to see which one would fly the further. My hypothesis was that if I build a triangular shape paper airplane would fly further than a rectangular shape paper airplane. There are 3 types of variables. The independent variable was Different Shapes. The dependent variable was the distance that they will fly. The controlled variables were paper and measuring tape. I chose this project because I wanted to learn how to make paper airplanes. I think they are interesting because of the way they are designed. Paper airplanes are easy to make and fun to play with

Project presentation

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One thought on “What Shape of Paper Airplane Flies the Farthest?

  1. I enjoyed reading your lab journal. Your presentation included a detailed data table and graph.

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