What Genre of Music Affects our Heart Rate the Most?

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Adelle McNiece

For this experiment our title is “What genre of music affects our heart rate the most?" The purpose of this project was to see what increased our heart rate the most. Our hypothesis was "If we listen to rock music, then our heart rate will increase because of the faster pace in rhythm." For us to complete this experiment we used a procedure. First, we put a heart rate monitor on our index finger, then we plugged our headphones into our computer, then we listened to the nine different songs. While listening we carefully tracked the data. Once done with this we record all the info. Our hypothesis was disproven. Heavy metal made our heart rate increase and country music made our heart rates decrease.

Project presentation

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One thought on “What Genre of Music Affects our Heart Rate the Most?

  1. I wonder if some of your resting rates are skewed from coming in from recess? Several seem very high for resting rates. What were the participants doing prior to taking their resting rates? Overall a decent group of test subjects to work from. Nice job.

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