Grand Award

Second Place

What Dissolves?

Energy and Change

Megan Dugan

As a class, we discussed what it means if something “dissolves”. We created the definition that little pieces of the substances we use are holding hands really tightly to keep them together. When we put them into water, the water will surround them. When these substances “go swimming” in the water, the hands will “let go”. If the hands let go, that means the substance dissolved! There are no pieces or chunks left, they are totally mixed into the water. However, if there are still pieces left in the water after stirring, the hands did not let go, so it did not dissolve. As a class, we wanted to know which things can dissolve in water, and which things can’t! We also wanted to know if the temperature of water affected how these substances dissolved. Our result was that temperature of water had no effect on substances that dissolved.

Project presentation

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