What alternative of plastic straws do people like the most?

Human Health and Behavior
Seyram Setsoafia Grace Lorring

David Ficke

We want to be able to grow up on a planet that is clean, and beautiful, and would like to find an alternative to plastic straw that could be used in restaurants, or daily life. Finding a suitable alternative to plastic straws could reduce plastic waste and help our planet's worsening condition. Our question was what type of straws would be suitable to replace plastic straws. We hypothesized that “If I give sugarcane, bamboo, paper, and compostable straws to people to try, then people will like compostable the best.” We tested this hypothesis by first putting the different straw alternatives in cups of water, to test which ones stayed in the best condition overnight. Then we tested which ones people liked the best by giving them each option, and surveying which ones they liked most. Out of 20 people, 7 peoples favorite were the compostables, 6 were paper, 4 were bamboo, and 1 was sugarcane. One average compostable was the favorite, sugarcane was the second favorite, bamboo was third, and paper was least. Our data could help people determine what alternatives to use instead of plastic straws.

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3 thoughts on “What alternative of plastic straws do people like the most?

  1. Great job on your experiment! You had great research on the impact of plastics and the environment.

  2. The group has explored an important topic on personal preferences that can potentially reduce the amount of plastics that are contaminating the environment. Your continued efforts can help address one of the big challenges of our time.

  3. It is great to see concern for the environment being used to motivate your research project. I am pleased to see that even though the preference was for the compostable straw type, the other straw types that were tested didn’t seem too bad either. And that there are even more options to evaluate such as a metal straw (or no straw), which altogether (as you have pointed out) provides a variety of options at our disposal to avoid the use of plastic.

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