Grand Award

Third Place


Energy and Change
Jack Warfel

Tom Kerdels

1. My goal was to improving irrigation in desert climates. 2. I chose this project because I want to help the environment and like to invent new things. 3. The WATERTRON 3000 heated up well but did not effectively drip water. 4. With global climate change on the rise there will be more desert climates, so we need environmentally friendly and renewable energy sources for the future.

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “WATERTRON 3000

  1. A really good question to ask. You did a good job of looking at different options. I liked the way you analyzed what would have made it work better. Maybe you can try out your new idea next time

  2. Really great idea! Keep exploring solutions and thinking about how you might solve this problem.

  3. Congratulations Jack!!!
    I am very proud of you and so are all the Legacy Mustangs.

    Way to go.

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