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Sonoran Desert Science Award

Water Harvesting Playscape

Plants and the Environment

Vanessa Schiess

Through Tucson Water Program, Water Smart Kids, students learned about the water shortage problem affecting Tucson. Students developed models of playscapes that also harvest rainwater. Models were tested to see how much water was collected. Our research consisted of learning about biomicry and how desert life adapts to water shortage, with the help of The Desert Museum. Students also learned techniques on how to harvest water from Watershe Management Group.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Water Harvesting Playscape

  1. Great job, everyone! You asked a very practical and important question for the desert and gathered a lot of valuable information before designing and building your models. Your prototypes were creative and showed ways that they could be successfully implemented into a real-world playspace.

  2. Very impressive experiment! You did a great job creating and testing your prototypes

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