Washable Marker washability test

Energy and Change
Audrey Simpson

Lauren Marlatt

A project to see what brand of washable marker washes off of surfaces easiest.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “Washable Marker washability test

  1. Creative and well done! Your presentation was clear and your photos demonstrated exactly what you did. As a scientist, what do you think is in the Crayola markers that isn’t in the others? Other than being ‘most popular’, what do you think makes Crayola work the best? Great job!!!!

  2. You noticed and wondered then made a science project out of it to enter into SARSEF! You are a scientist!I wondered why you chose just the red marker to test? But you had data form five brands of red marker (Rule of Five)and three different substrates marked on to test! Continue to be curious.

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