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Time To Wash That Grime

The Unseen World
Kiara Rojas-Badillo Linnea Chambers-Daniell

Hailey Sanders

Our project is about which hand disinfectant grows the least amount of bacteria. We chose this project because Covid-19 drastically affected our lives. We were constantly worrying about the bacteria surrounding us. We wanted to make a change that could help others stay healthy. This led us to wonder what hand sanitizer would grow the least amount of bacteria. Our result/overall conclusion was that washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to stay safe from bacteria. The sanitizer type (gel vs. spray) that grows the least amount of bacteria is gel sanitizer. The best type of hand sanitizer, from the tested sanitizers from Bath and Body Works, is Twisted Peppermint. The worst sanitizer was the unscented sanitizer from Clorox.

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