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Tie Dye and Soda Ash

Applied Technology
Ainsley Jones

Krista Young

My project is seeing if the amount of time that white cloth spends in soda ash affects the color saturation. I choose this topic because tie dye really interests me and is something I enjoy doing. I also once wondered the same question and the idea of turning it into a project stuck with me. The results of my project ended up being that the amount of time does matter and increases the saturation until you hit 20 minutes and then the saturation stops increasing and stays around 83%. My project is useful because it helps people make clothing that doesn't fade as easily. Which means people spend less money and resources on clothing. It can help people learn how long clothing needs to soak in soda ash which important so factories can be more efficient and not have the clothing waste time sitting in soda ash.

Project presentation

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One thought on “Tie Dye and Soda Ash

  1. General Comments:
    1. This is one of the nicest presentations I have seen. Very will put together.
    2. Variables VERY clearly shown, excellent job thinking through the controls.
    3. Data collection for this project sets its own standard, it is on another level – tremendous.
    4. Excellent conclusion for why 20-30 min had little separation.
    5. I love the use of the app for comparison.

    Things to consider:
    1. This project is super well done, however to close the loop on everything, I would suggest adding data for your control variables. For example, the temperature of the water could be measured and recorded for each trial, and that way if there is a major difference, you can point to that data (if it correlates)!!

    Great job and congrats on completion! This is one of my favorite projects I have seen! 😀

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