The Vibrance of Different Yellow Dyes

Plants and the Environment
Fiona Evans-Black

Marisa Kleiman

The question I am attempting to answer is "Which of these flowers, (listed in the following) make the most vibrant yellow dye?" The flowers I am using for this experiment are carnations, yellow tea roses, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, African marigolds, and garden mums. My procedure to extract dye is chopping and weighing the flower petals, boiling them in water, straining, then actually dying the linen, then finally determining the vibrance on an editing app. There is also the mordanting, in which you make the color of the dye stay in the fabric longer by using alum (this is the mordant I used for my project, but there are other options), water, and of course, the fabric. This step is done before the actual dying of the cloth. My conclusion is that my hypothesis was incorrect. While I had guessed the sunflowers, and the most vibrant was the marigold. I had said yellow dye, and the sunflower was the strongest yellow dye, but I had also said "the most vibrant," and the marigold was the most vibrant, so I can conclude that the marigold was the most vibrant.

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