Grand Award

Second Place

The Vertical Farm

Plants and the Environment
Gabe Skiles

Lydia Carlson

This students set out to solve deforestation by creating a model of a vertical farm. Farming is one of the leading causes for deforestation, so if we can use less room for farms, we can allow for conservation of natural spaces. Several models were created which tested systems like light and water systems for the plants. This student found that vertical farming is challenging but possible and the environment would be better off with them.

Project presentation

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3 thoughts on “The Vertical Farm

  1. Great topic to investigate ! Many times prototypes do not work as excepted, consider the problems you encountered and try again, you may be able to just solve this very serious problem. Good Work!

  2. This is a great project! I love your small-scale design to solve a large problem that you researched. I think that in the future you could try a few small experiments between prototype 1 and prototype 2. For instance, you changed the light source for the plants from sunlight to blue light. A small experiment could show the growth differences between sunlight and blue light to determine if sunlight (or an artificial light that mimics the sun spectrum) could have improved your prototype 2. Keep thinking of great questions like this!

  3. Congratulations Gabe! I am proud of the effort you put into your project, and I think vertical farming could be the way the need to farm in the future.


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