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The Truth We Don’t Know

The Unseen World
Vishwa De Silva

Lara Huetter

My project experiments if our homes are as sanitary and sterile as we think. I am conducting the analysis of bacteria colony growth and colony morphology using petri dishes, on surfaces in our homes. I chose this project because I found this to be an amusing idea, as it’s an interesting controversy that needs to be experimented for the benefit of health. Also, because I wanted to find how clean homes typically are for my own curiosity. I found that the kitchen is actually dirtier than the bathroom, especially the toilet. For example, the kitchen sink handles had twice as much bacteria growth as the toilet bowl. Additionally, the kitchen counters and toilet bowl conveyed equal amounts of bacteria, which I found to be interesting. Importantly, I found that the combination of moisture and food was a major factor in bacteria growth. This project will help prevent diseases, keep everybody safe from pathogens, and harmful germs & bacteria. Therefore, an important topic worth experimenting.

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