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The Swordfish

Applied Technology
Logan Nielsen

Lara Huetter

My project is called the Swordfish. It is a remote controlled submarine that can collect materials from the deepest, most dangerous parts of the ocean. It has a PVC frame, two waterproof motors, and uses a 2 liter soda bottle as the ballast tank. I used a balloon, air pump, air hose and air fittings to control the amount of air inside the balloon in order for the submarine to surface and descend. With its thin design, The Swordfish is capable of getting into tighter places. I chose this project because I wanted to help people so I can make navigating the ocean better. The ocean supports all life on our planet and is integral to earth processes. It is important to have the tools to be able to study the unknown. people need this design for better ways to learn about our world. Over all my project design was a successful submarine design. I was able to sink, float and control it by remote. I experimented on three different designs and was able to work my way up to a design that was not only controllable but could collect objects. I knew that air was important because in order to float we need to allow the air to go in the balloon only and nowhere else. Air will affect the buoyancy. My project is important to others because the ocean remains 80% unexplored. Since people can’t handle many of the ocean’s most difficult conditions, unmanned submarines make most ocean exploration possible. Because it is designed to collect objects, my design can help find things that scuba divers can't get to.The Swordfish could be a powerful tool and can be used in many ways.

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One thought on “The Swordfish

  1. Great Subject! Been there done that but, in a real submarine.
    If you get a chance, look up Robert Ballard & Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They are the leaders in underwater exploration.
    A great book to read is “Blind Man’s Bluff”, a little heavy on politics but, the underwater stories will amaze you.
    You have the right attitude and ambition to continue your path to the bottom of the ocean.
    Thank you

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