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The Science of Barrel Racing

Physics and Astronomy
Isabella Moreno

Laura Garcia

Earlier this school year I made a “how to” video project with 7 steps that explained how to saddle my horse and ride fast. I like to ride fast, and I want to be able to go around the three barrels as fast as possible. I compete in barrel racing, but I do not know if the heavier I am, the faster I can move around a barrel. I know from interviewing a barrel racer that the horse must apply enough force from a standing position to reach speeds of around 35 mph within a few feet. Then, the force has to quickly be applied to slow down enough to change directions and accelerate again after turning around the barrel. The rider has to have enough force to stay in the saddle and keep up with the horse but not apply to much force to slow him down.

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One thought on “The Science of Barrel Racing

  1. What a great way to explore the effects of weight in barrel racing! I agree with the interpretation of the data and look forward to future experiments. Awesome job!

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