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The Roots of Resilience: Investigating the Effects of Endomycorrhizal Fungi on Fava Beans when Exposed to Drought Conditions

Jonathan Sensibar

Jeremy Jonas

This study investigated the effects of MycoBloom, a mix of seven endomycorrhizal fungi, on Vicia faba (Windsor fava beans) while the plants were given differing amounts of water. The research aims to understand the potential benefits or drawbacks of using MycoBloom as a biological fertilizer in mitigating the impact of drought on plant growth measured by height, leaf area, and biomass. The experimental setup was conducted by inoculating half the V. faba with MycoBloom and leaving the other half uninoculated as a control. The experimental and control groups were split into four different controlled water treatment groups. Measurements of plant height and leaf area were taken throughout the study, and at the end, fresh biomass was collected. Results indicate no significant effect of MycoBloom on plant height or biomass but demonstrate a statistically significant increase in leaf area in three of the four watering conditions. The findings suggest potential benefits of using MycoBloom to enhance plant growth, highlighting avenues for further research in sustainable agriculture.

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