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The Rise of The Resistance

Plant Science
Aidan Pennekamp

Michael Frank

The topic of my project is how drought-like conditions, specifically water levels, affect the growth of drought tolerant plants compared to non-tolerant plants. This topic was chosen because Arizona is home to many drought-tolerant plants and has led me to question how greatly their adaptations affect them. The result, as predicted, was that the drought-tolerant plants showed more signs of growth and faster germination than the non-tolerant plants. This is important, as it provides a starting point in comparing plants from different ecosystems, and allows for more questions to be asked, like what specific adaptations have led to these results.

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One thought on “The Rise of The Resistance

  1. Good job! Perhaps comparing your plants grown under experimental conditions (60 mL once a week, 38.4 mL once a week, etc.) to the control conditions (60 mL twice a week) for each variety would show you some interesting results about plant growth under restricted watering conditions.

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