The Retractable Fish Hook

Animal Science
Micah Saroni Kosta Kapor

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? Our project is about trying to decrease the deaths of fish dying when dehooking them. Studies did show that 6 weeks after being caught most fish would die. Well our project was made to try to stop this and let them live longer. Why did you choose this project? We chose this project mostly to help the fish and we thought it would be cool to make a project to change how fish live. We as a group wanted to help the fish live longer and be more healthy after being caught. What was your result/overall conclusion? Our result was that the retractable fishing lure was in good shape but it would be very flimsy and after using it multiple times the hook would go straight through the wax and wouldn't stay. But overall our project was what we wanted it to be. Why is your project important? Our project is important because it can help fish and it could possibly change the whole fishing community itself. By letting the fish live longer the ocean will be more occupied than the fish dying after 6 weeks.

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  1. This is a very creative project! I like that you identified weaknesses in your first prototype and improved your design. This project is very valuable science, and could someday benefit wildlife. Congratulations and well done!

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