The Organizer

Human Health and Behavior
Abigail Pagnotta

April Elias

This project was chosen because I have a baby brother whose car seat takes up a lot of space. When riding in the car there is no place to hold drinks, snacks or activities for car rides with the limited space. Creating the organizer gave more space to store things for rode trips and daily drives. This is important for busy families to have the extra storage and something that is washable, removable and easy to use.

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “The Organizer

  1. Great goal to create more organized space in the car! Looks like you also considered many suggestions and preferences – engineers have hard jobs trying to please all possible users, so this was great practice! I’m impressed that you looked up fabric suggestions and sewing strategies as well.

    I hope you continue experimenting with design – everyone appreciates being able to make better use of space!

  2. I love the detailed descriptions in your presentation! I can tell you gave a lot of consideration on how to improve your product! Awesome work!

  3. Very good thinking. People are always looking for ways to better organize tight spaces.

  4. Great work, lots of steps and results. I enjoyed the graphs, material (fabric) breakdowns and final results.

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