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The Money Flows Like Water: An Investigation of Water Quality Across Tucson's Wards as it Relates to Socioeconomic Factors

Sustainability and Renewable Energy
Christopher Lundin Teagan Lehrling Javier Quijada Cruz

Jeremy Jonas

Our project focuses on the relation between socioeconomic factors and the tap water quality in Tucson's 6 wards. We gathered samples from 5 houses in each ward and tested them using color changing test strips for water quality. We tested for for lead, fluoride, iron, copper, mercury, total chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, pH, total alkalinity, hardness, aluminum, sulfate, bromine, free chlorine, and cyanuric acid. We then compared our results to public data from the City of Tucson’s Poverty and Urban Stress Report. The report includes data from each ward on a variety of socioeconomic factors such as income, poverty, race & ethnicity, housing, education, and crime. Our hypothesis that the water quality in more disadvantaged wards would be worse than

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2 thoughts on “The Money Flows Like Water: An Investigation of Water Quality Across Tucson’s Wards as it Relates to Socioeconomic Factors

  1. This is an amazing study with a great amount of background research and rationale for this kind of work. This is essential work and a great contribution to the field of food safety. I really enjoyed looking over this study and all of the aspects that were put together. The results and data are put together and organized efficiently. Overall, amazing job with this study and keep up with this kind of work!

  2. Outstanding job on doing your research for this project.
    The presentation was well done and easy to follow and understand why you came to the conclusions that you made.

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