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The Melting Rate of Organic vs. Inorganic Ice Cream

Food and Nutrition
Giuliana Croce Olivia Harney

Gretchen Holtzer

Students studied organic versus inorganic ice creams to see if a difference in ingredients would lead to a noticeable difference in melting rate. The students also performed a bonus side study with non-dairy ice cream. The main benefit of this study is knowing whether or not choosing a healthier option would mean having to consume the ice cream at a faster rate (i.e., before it melts).

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Melting Rate of Organic vs. Inorganic Ice Cream

  1. I love that you explored the ingredients that affect the composition and melting rate. Your data analysis was also solid!

  2. Very nice project. Well designed. Well thought out before hand on what might impact melting rate. Nice measurements and nice thoughts about causes. It’s great when your testable question turns out different than planned, you learn something new and it promotes more thinking. My solution for melting ice cream is to eat it faster only limited by brain freeze!

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