The Many Ingredients of Cookies

Food and Nutrition
Leilani Mooney Aubrey Evans Ruby Klingensmith

Jennifer Basler

Our project is about the ingredients in a cookie recipe. We removed certain ingredients of chocolate chip cookies one at a time to see the outcome. We chose this project because we all love baking. All ingredients are important because it makes the cookie taste better. Some ingredients are more important than others. Our project is important because it makes baking cookies easier and more fun.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Many Ingredients of Cookies

  1. I really like that you broke down a complex recipe into its basic parts to investigate the individual contributions of the ingredient to the cookie! In research we call that “good DOE” or “good design of experiment”!

  2. Very nice project. I liked that you realized that without butter it wouldn’t work and added water. I was thinking if you had a control batch you would have had one really good set of cookies to eat!

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