The Light Fight

Plants and the Environment
Melvin Reyes

Hayley Keith

My project is about different pinto beans plants that are grown with Black Light, LED Light, Infrared Light, and Sunlight. I chose this project because I love plants and the environment also this project idea really fascinated me. My overall/result conclusion was that the plant that was grown with LED light won the race, my guess was that the LED Light took more time to process through the plant. This project is important because this could help the plants ability to grow towards light this process is called phototropism. This experiment could be important for the future because there could be a problem with sunlight.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Light Fight

  1. I commend your experiment for these reasons: 1) You delved into the history of the impacts of various sources of illumination; 2) You are very close to understanding the relationship between apparent brightness and the thermal spectrum; 3) You created a testing method that is at the foundation of your inquiry. Excellent beginnings!

  2. I like the way you tried to find explanations on why some plants did better than others.

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