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The Incredible Impact of Superworms

Animal Science
Safi Younis

Lara Huetter

My project was seeing how eating only plastic for five weeks would affect the growth of superworms (length wise). I accomplished this by purchasing worms online, and setting up an enclosure for them. I chose to do this project for several reasons: firstly superworms have been found to be able to digest plastic, which in of itself is an amazing revelation for recycling. That being said, I wanted to see how this affected their growth rates to see if this was humane and sustainable, because if it negatively affects the worms, then it has no practicality being used on a large scale. Results from this study showed a measurable difference in size between the two groups. I believe that this project could have significant implications for how we improve the recycling system, because there are only so many times that something can be reused. But if it is sustainable to do this, it could have a high chance of being accomplished on a large scale.

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4 thoughts on “The Incredible Impact of Superworms

  1. Very nice project. I hope you continue to explore other types of uses of the super worms to benefit the environment.

  2. I really was impressed with your scientific design. You acclimated the larvae before starting the experiment. This shows that you have a very mature understanding of experimentation. I also liked that you sampled 20 larvae each week. A lesser student would have started out with just 20 subjects in each condition. Then if any subjects died, the results would be less valid. I recommend that you perform statistical analysis of your data.

  3. Worms eating plastic…excellent. Nice design every 7 days sample 20 worms for length. Nice you showed evidence of packing peanuts being eaten. Good references, but further experiments are a bit vague. Nice design by feeding all worms with oats then separate. Therefore they all have the same starting point.

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