The Hungry Worm: Solving Polystyrene Pollution Using Tenebrio molitor (Mealworm)

Animal Science
Joseph Amador

Alfred Santos

This project investigated about the use of mealworm as an agent to biodegrade polystyrene to solve plastic pollution

Project presentation

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Lab journal excerpts

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Research paper

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2 thoughts on “The Hungry Worm: Solving Polystyrene Pollution Using Tenebrio molitor (Mealworm)

  1. I like that you tied your project to the fact that plastic is so bad for the environment.
    AND that you addressed an environmentally responsible topic of how to get rid of styrofoam.

  2. Nice job! I appreciate the conclusion you arrived at based on your results. It would be interesting to find out how we could replicate the gut bacterium (or a model) and repeat the study without the actual worms.

    I enjoyed reviewing your project – thanks!

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