The Heat Protector

Applied Technology
Lincoln Allen

Shauna Thomas

I created this project to protect you from burning yourself and to prevent your glasses from getting fogged up due to the heat from the oven when you open the door. My mom said she burns her eyelashes and arm hair sometimes when she is cooking. My project worked and helped my mom. My project is important because it provides safety for all users. You could also use it when you bar-b-que, at a campfire when you are making smore's, and when you are putting a log on a fire. #safety #fireprevention #engineering

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Heat Protector

  1. You identified an important and common problem and I am impressed by your efforts to increase safety. The part from your brainstorming to your prototype was especially strong. Keep up your innovative thinking! The world needs your creativity!

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