The Halo Effect

Human Health and Behavior
Clementine Yarborough

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is about The Halo Effect which is where a person creates an entire assessment based on first impressions. This is majorly affected by attractiveness. If someone were to think of a person you don't know extremely well and thought was attractive, most would also say that they are kind, funny, and intelligent. The opposite of the Halo Effect is the horn effect which is if you were to think of someone you don't know extremely well that you thought was unattractive most would also say they are dumb, rude , and not funny. My project was to compare results between men and women to see if their results were different. Why did you choose this project? I chose this project because I am interested in physiology and find the Halo Effect fascinating. I also predicted that men and womens answers would be very different because women are more observant and emotional so they would have stronger feelings towards a person even if they don't know them extremely well. What was your result/overall conclusion? My overall conclusion was that women said that attractive people were also smart, intelligent and funny whereas men had more variety in their answers to these questions. Why is your project important? My project is important because it can make people realize how we judge people very quickly based on first impressions and people can take more time to judge a person. Also this project is important because it proves how men and women's minds are completely different when they have to judge a person based on a first impression.

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