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The Function of p53 in Intestinal Epithelial Wound Healing

Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Sohini Mallick

Elyse Wexler

The Gut microbiota is a system of micro-organisms located within the gastrointestinal tract, which aids in digestion and absorption of nutrients in the human body. The intestinal epithelium, surrounding the large intestine, is a tightly linked, columnar layer of intestinal epithelial cells that are responsible for absorbing nutrients and defending against antigens in the intestine. The intestinal epithelium consists of various cell types and possesses unique regenerative processes that allow for the gut to be renewed and replaced every 3-5 days, whilst maintaining almost identical cell structure and cell ratio. The intestinal epithelium has been therefore used as a model to study stem cell nodes and monolayer development to homeostasis in regards the cell signaling and intestinal epithelial wound healing. P53, a tumor suppressor gene, has been previously linked with leader cell behavior during cell migration in monolayer development in MDCK monolayers. In this study, we observed the function of p53 during intestinal monolayer development, with the GiLA1 organoid line and a p53-mNeonGreen and H2B/iRFP cell tracker. We produced a live-cell imaging movie encapsulating the development of the monolayer and expression of p53. We fixed the cells, and further stained for Ki67 proliferative marker to compare the expression of p53 within various cell types. Through this study, we identified p53 activity in leader cells and global elevation during homeostasis establishment. We further discovered 3 novel cell types with varying expressions of p53 and Ki67 in migratory cells originating from the stem cell nodes.

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  1. Great job on the figures! I really appreciated the color coding, modeling, and organization throughout the PowerPoint.

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