The Effects of Soil Composition on Pea Tendrils While Undergoing Different Levels of Drought Stress.

Plant Science
Abiella Soto Linnea Grace Wilson

Michael Frank

Our project uses different elements in order to change the soil composition of a pea plant, and then putting these plants under different levels of drought stress in order to analyze the effects of these changes. We chose this project because it was something we were both generally interested in, and felt could be significantly useful data that could be used later on by others. From all of our data, we found that by changing the soil composition of a pea plant its ability to react to dehydration isn’t as affected as much as the plant’s overall well-being is affected, which in our experiments was usually negatively. This project can be seen as important due to the role it plays in current agriculture, with drought becoming more and more common, especially in a dry place like Arizona, finding out new, more sustainable ways to help produce continue to grow sufficiently, even when under drought stress could be largely beneficial to many.

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One thought on “The Effects of Soil Composition on Pea Tendrils While Undergoing Different Levels of Drought Stress.

  1. Two of your most significant breakthroughs appear to be the realization that negative results are incredibly valuable and, help lead to greater and deeper thinking. You appear to have the perfect mindset to identify knowledge gaps and help find solutions through experimentation, please keep going!

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