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The Effects of Different Water Source Locations on Water Ion Concentrations

Bailey De Tierra Jaelyn Gaspar Cy Mendoza

Elyse Wexler

The science experiment performed compares the quality of tap water to the quality of bottled water. Five different water bottle brands were collected for testing while five different tap water source samples were collected for testing. This experiment's purpose of comparing ten different water samples was to figure out how a water source's location affects its ion concentrations. Previous experiments have attempted to address the difference in various ion concentrations in between varied brands and sources of water because the experiments compare bottled water to other brands of bottled water. Similar results have been collected from comparing one bottled water sample to another bottled water sample. However, this experiment compares tap water with bottled water, making it easier to have distinct results that are independent from each other. To figure out which form of water would be of higher quality, ten different samples were first collected. The ten samples were then tested for their ion concentrations using pH strips. The data from the pH strips were collected, calculated, and graphed. To get better results while comparing ion concentrations, different strategies were used. The average ppm and/or ppb number of each ion concentration was averaged out. After finding the average amount of ppm and/or ppb of an ion concentration in each water sample, the averages between tap water and bottled water were compared. Overall, results showed that the quality of bottled water is greater than the quality of tap water.

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4 thoughts on “The Effects of Different Water Source Locations on Water Ion Concentrations

  1. Good analysis of the effects of various ions in drinking water. Your lab journal really revealed the effort put into this project.

  2. Thanks for sharing your research at the SARSEF Fair. I like that your project results from reading various articles about water quality worldwide.

  3. Great job with this study! it is obvious to see the amount of time and effort put into this project. This was a great study to observe and read over. Overall, this was a great approach to looking at this and the execution was amazing. Amazing job!

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