The Butterfly Growth Project

Animal Kingdom
Kyndall Kovarna

Monica Baden

My project is about butterfly growth because I'm learning how animals grow and what nutrients they need to do that. I chose this project because it was fun and I want to learn what makes things grow. My conclusion is that the caterpillars grew faster. My project is important to people who want caterpillars to grow faster.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Growth Project

  1. Very nice presentation. I appreciate that you identified areas that you could improve for future testing. It is unfortunate that some of your test subjects died, but it did help to formulate the results. It looks like this was a fun experiment! It was very interesting to read!

    Keep up the good work and scientific inquiry!

  2. Really cool method! Being able to recognize mistakes and areas of future research is the mark of an excellent scientist!

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