Grand Award

First Place

The Beautiful Butter Engineering Project

Food and Nutrition
Wilson Perkins

Roxanna Young

Building a Better Way to Serve Butter I went to a restaurant and saw the way they were serving butter. I didn’t like that I couldn’t cut the bread or spread the butter. The bread was bumpy and tough to cut. The butter was too cold and wasn’t spreadable. I wanted the butter to be easier to spread on all types of bread. At a restaurant, I want to have a better tool and method for putting butter on my bread.

Project presentation

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2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Butter Engineering Project

  1. Great idea to work on a problem everyone has!!
    Using all your resources – your Uncle, Grammie and Dad – was great.
    Understanding that you will make mistakes and can improvement is very important.

  2. You got the idea from your experience at the restaurant and worked on solving the problem. You are a great food scientist!

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