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Microbe Wonderer

Surface Soldiers: The War Against Bacteria-Infested Fomites

Medicine, Health, and Disease
Sylvia Russell

Jill Christman

Many diseases can be transmitted indirectly through contact with "fomites", objects that are likely to be contaminated with bacteria. This project examines the antibiotic properties of 8 essential oils on environmental bacteria samples in the hopes of finding natural, more sustainable ways to kill off bacteria commonly found on surfaces.

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3 thoughts on “Surface Soldiers: The War Against Bacteria-Infested Fomites

  1. Impressive work on your project! Your thoughtful approach and attention to detail shine through. Amazing and thorough work that was conducted, many important aspects to this study. Keep up the fantastic effort!

  2. Excellent command of the background studies pertinent to the experiments, well-designed and well-executed studies, and careful consideration of the implications of the results for developing natural bactericides. Kudos!

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