Strike Zone Indicator

Applied Technology
Lucas Randall

Alexandria Vaughn

What is your project about? My project is an item to know if I am throwing strikes or not while I’m practicing pitching. This item replaces the need for a catcher, making for an easy way to practice. Why did you choose this project? I was tired of trying to practice my pitching and being told “no” because no one wanted to catch for me. Sure, there are pitchback nets you can buy at the store, but the baseballs roll right off of them and they are not corralled. Additionally, the pitchback nets are bulky and very hard to carry around. I thought I should make something sort of like a pitchback net, but that holds all the balls in and is easier to carry around. What was your result/overall conclusion? I found that the indicator did work, but a few balls started bouncing out after a certain amount of balls were in. After the balls inside reached a certain amount, every time one would enter, one would bounce out. This problem could easily be fixed if I just added more netting and did not make it as tight. Why is your project important? My project is important because it gives pitchers a way to practice even when there is no one to be your catcher. Additionally, it gives an alternative to pitchback nets and also eliminates the need for an umpire during practice because the balls in are all strikes and the ones out of it are not.

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