Skating Weights

Physics and Astronomy
Gwen Rutschman

David Ficke

I always love to skateboard with my dad, but I wonder if there is an easier way to go farther with just one push. My question is will a skateboard go further with different weights, and which weights will make it go the farthest? This data could determine a way to make a skateboard travel further, and more easily. I hypothesized that the skateboard would go further with more weights. I tested this by rolling the skateboard down a ramp with different weights on it. My results showed that the skateboard went the furthest with 13.6kg of weight on it. Most of the results showed the skateboard went further with more weight, except for the last two after the 13.6kg, in which the skateboard started to go a shorter distance. I was able to complete the test with minimal challenges. The results of my experiment showed that skateboarding down a ramp with more weight will cause you to travel a further distance.

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