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Sea Level Rise_Impacts on Urban Design

Plants and the Environment
Kayla Anderson Jazmin Echegaray Ainsley Silver

Jackie Nichols

Island cities are greatly suffering the consequences of climate change impacts due to rapidly increasing greenhouse gas emissions, and as a result, changes must be in order to ensure a brighter future. Adapting to new environments has been one of humanity's best qualities. Unfortunately, cities have big climate change challenges to solve and adapt to and we need to make intentional design choices to live in safe, healthy, and sustainable cities. The importance of this project is to show how island cities can be intentionally designed to mitigate CO2 and adapt to climate change in futuristic cities. The focus is on re-imagining the island of Manilla, Philippines. This project focuses on ways to adapt to climate change challenges and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in a future city, while using sustainability design principles.

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One thought on “Sea Level Rise_Impacts on Urban Design

  1. The problems are large and your solutions seem well thought out. I like how you address barriers to implementation and the benefits of your solutions.

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