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Save Our Hummingbirds!

Animal Science

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Our school has a large, tall skylight over the entrance. Every year, hummingbirds get trapped inside the skylight, panic, slam into the glass, and fall down to the ground. Most of the hummingbirds die. This makes us sad because we LOVE our hummingbirds! Our class chose to do a project to try and keep our hummingbirds out of our skylight. After counting the number of hummingbirds that were trapped for a total of 10 weeks, we made and hung hummingbird 'scarecrows' . We kept track of hummingbirds getting trapped after the scarecrows were hung for another 10 weeks.

Project presentation

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4 thoughts on “Save Our Hummingbirds!

  1. This project is an amazing way to help save the hummingbird population. Congratulations on finding a real issue that needed to be solved.

  2. Nicely thought-out problem, and I appreciate that you designed a project that would protect hummingbirds at your school!

  3. We absolutely love your class science project. It was such a creative project and your scarecrows are absolutely adorable. Great job.

  4. First off, wow, it is clearly evident that you care deeply for the wellbeing of the animals that we share our environment with and thank you for taking on this project as a means towards hummingbird safety at your school. I am very happy to see that there was only one incident after you added the scarecrow objects and I thought that the considerations made in your conclusion section were very thoughtful. Maybe you can start a tradition, of sorts, where the first grade class gets to make new scarecrows each year? Nice work!

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