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Nadira Mitchell Conservationist Award, Excellence in STEM , Environmental Awareness Award - Honorable Mention, Southern Arizona Grotto Award

Save Ce:Wi Duag

Environmental Studies
Alison Soland

Steve Beall

My hope of this project is to get more community involvement in stopping the Hudbay Rosemont Copper Mine in the Santa Rita Mountains 28 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ. How will Ce:Wi Duag’s waters be affected by this mine? The negative costs of the mines outweigh the benefits. The jobs won’t last, the copper will go to Canada, not Arizona, and the riparian areas and sky islands of Ce:Wi Duag will be permanently damaged, along with putting the area’s flora and fauna in danger.

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3 thoughts on “Save Ce:Wi Duag

  1. I am glad you did this project. You are conveying a strong message to the audience. Good job!

  2. Environmental activism is not always the forefront of science so I thank you for creating a project about an area that deserves protections. I hope you continue your passion for protecting cultural/scared sites and research.
    -Nadira Mitchell (Miss Native American University of Arizona 2023)

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