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Sauce and Teeth

Food and Nutrition
Joel Lopez

Marylyn Valencia

Chamoy, Salsa Guacamaya, and Salsa Valentina are sauces that many people consume in Mexico and many southern U.S states. Chamoy has citric acid, while Salsa Valentina and Salsa Guacamaya have acids in the forms of vinegar, this tells us that these sauces may probably decalcify teeth. I believe this project is important since it will help raise awareness of what consuming these products can do to your teeth. Authors like Michael Dodds have published about the risks that acidic products cause in our teeth.

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2 thoughts on “Sauce and Teeth

  1. Very nice experiment. Lots of interesting results – even if you see these as not supporting your hypothesis. I think there are many things you can learn here and many next steps which makes it a great experiment! Well done.

  2. The was really interesting and creative! Also way to repurpose those extracted teeth!

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