Rustistic Art

Angelina Arnn Maximiliano Valenzuela

Jessa Sandoval

The main reason for conducting this project was to see how different types of metals would react with different types of solutions. This helps us to better understand how this would affect different structures and systems in the real world. For this experiment, we used copper and iron due to the fact that they are one of the most common metals used in today's society. We used three different solutions which are: White vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and a solution of lemon, water, and salt. These solutions are highly reactive over time and will help provide results in the short time given to us to perform this project.

Project presentation

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Research paper

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3 thoughts on “Rustistic Art

  1. Great study of corrosion! I especially liked the critical reflections on your project and ideas for future discovery.

  2. Interesting research investigating corrosiveness of iron and copper. Great job using weight to determine the corrosiveness. The presentation is very well laid out and understandable.

  3. Your project examines the corrosion of iron and copper in the presence of various solutions. This has implications in the construction and design of products made with these metals. This study was quite impressive with a 4-week longitudinal study on the copper and iron samples.

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